Paleto Police HQ

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This map replaces the old construction site in Paleto Bay with a new plot of land that is dedicated for Police use.

 - Textures can be edited. You can make this map fit any department you wish!

- Map is escrow secured. 

- Instant delivery!

The Interior/Exterior offers: 

  • 2 custom built MLO's
  • Secure system for Officers to park up behind the buildings with rising bollards
  • Mechanic Bay MLO for Officers
  • Easy secure access to the Highway for Police
  • Space for Civilians + Officers to park out front
  • Lots of space for Police + civilians to hang out and interact with each other
  • A lovely park on the corner of the map that welcomes all players + locals to Paleto Bay!
  • Seating area with a tree for Officers to relax at

Showcase :

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