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Paleto Construction contains the Mechanic Bays instead of the Fire Department.


The package comes with editable textures! You are now able to edit all logos available so you can personalize your Police Department to be whatever Government department you wish! You can also customize the information panels in the VICE Dealership!

This is a map that I have created. I have completed my vision of what the construction site in Paleto could turn out to be. This map offers 4 areas, a Car Dealership/ Mechanic combo, Police Department, Police indoor Mechanic Bays, and a nice park on the corner that welcomes visitors to Paleto Bay. All buildings offers a custom built MLO's which is great for all kinds of players!

The Police Department is designed to be the main department in the area! The VICE Dealership is designed to fit a racing crowd, however I'm sure other vehicles could also be sold at this location.  The Police Mechanic Bays offers players the chance to roleplay repairing or cusotmizing their Police vehicles inside! This map is excellent for a Roleplay server.

The Interior/Exterior offers: 

  • 3 custom built MLO's
  • Secure system for Officers to park up behind the buildings
  • Mechanic Bay for Officers
  • Easy secure access to the Highway for Police
  • Space for Civilians + Officers to park out front
  • Lots of space for Police + civilians to hang out and interact with each other
  • A large space within the VICE Dealership MLO + Exterior for selling cars
  • Car park for VICE Dealership for staff, civilians, or to sell cars
  • A lovely park on the corner of the map that welcomes all players + locals to Paleto Bay!
  • Seating area with a tree for Officers to relax at

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