Alamo Lake PD

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Package Description



The package comes with editable textures! You are able to edit all logos available so you can personalize your Police Department to be whatever Government department you wish!

This is a map that I have created. I have created a new Police department location by the side of Alamo Lake, near Mount Chumash. This map offers TWO buildings, both with unique and custom made MLO's. These buildings are great for training cadets, processing criminals, storing evidence, pulling items from the armory, doing office work, having meetings, changing into your outfits, chilling out on work breaks...

The map is designed to be used on Roleplay servers and it is excellent for this purpose!

The Interior/Exterior offers: 

  • TWO custom built MLO's, both have two floors!
  • A big parking space with a vehicle repair garage
  • Space for Civilians to park out front
  • Access for Officers to enjoy the gorgeous views that the Lake Alamo + wildlife has to offer

Showcase :

Imgur Showcase: