Grapeseed PD

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Package Description



The package comes with editable textures! You are now able to edit all logos available so you can personalize your Police Department to be whatever Government department you wish!

This is a map that I have created. I have placed a Police Department on the Grapeseed main street. This building offers a custom built MLO which is great for training cadets and processing crims.

The map is designed to be a training school for Cadets/Deputies! It is excellent for a Roleplay server.

The Interior/Exterior offers: 

  • A custom built MLO with 2 floors!
  • Secure system for Officers to park up behind the building
  • Space for Civilians to park out front 
  • Access for Officers to the big open fields that Grapeseed has to offer

Showcase :

Imgur Showcase:

Updated MLO Showcase: